Watts way to low with BePro powermeter and Rollers

(Marcus Steinberg) #1

 Hey guys,

I was very enthusiastic using Zwift for the first time. I wanted to join a nice ride and meet with friends.

SPECS: I currently use a roller for riding indoors, a BePro powermeter (pedals), Garmin heartrate and speed sensor.

I had no problems with ant+ and dongle to find and use my devices within Zwift. However, when I started, my Watts in Zwift are WAY below compared to what is displayed on my Garmin edge at the same time. I am talking about 30 Watts (zwift) to 200 Watts (Garmin). I know that my Garmin in calibrated just fine. 

Now I really have a problem to participate in any race, it is really frustrating. 

Can you help me? What did I do wrong?



(Jason K) #2

Hey Marcus, it looks like Scott made a ticket for you, so keep an eye on your email inbox for more information.