What does the Schwinn Classic Cruiser transmit?

Does the Schwinn Classic Cruiser transmit power data? Or is it speed data, which is translated via zpower? Also, does it transmit cadence? Zwift’s and Schwinn’s websites are short on details. For anyone using the Classic Cruiser: how is the overall Zwift experience?


Looks like it broadcast watts over BLE, but does not automatically change resistance: https://zwift.com/hardware

Someone else will have to comment of their experience with it.

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser transmits power data and cadence, but it is not a controllable trainer.

I got mine a week ago and I love it. I am not the racing bike kind of a guy and I love the cruiser bike feeling. It works great with Zwift, using it on Windows 10 via Zwift Companion App.

It is currently not working reliably with Windows 10 Bluetooth Beta on my Surface Book 2. You probably will have to use Companion App, but doing so I had no issues so far.


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I must say that it seems a bit silly that the Schwinn Classic Cruiser is officially supported but the IC4 hasn’t even been tested? I mean really … are there people seriously using Zwift with a Schwinn Classic Cruiser?