Idiot guide

Hi this is my bike would
This connect to a classic trainer easy enough ? Does a classic trainer come with Bluetooth and sensor ? Thanks in advance

Should work fine.
A classic trainer typically does not transmit any watts.
You typically will need one of 2 options:

  1. a speed sensor that broad casts your wheel speed to Zwift via blue tooth or Ant+ and then Zwift calculates your watts
  2. Some classic trainers can be fitted with an additional power broadcast device (Kinetic trainers, for example) and then they will directly broad cast the watts to Zwift by Blue tooth or Ant+.

When given an option, try to purchase devices and equipment that broadcast both Blue tooth and Ant+.
I have solved issues by having the ability to use either one.

I guess I could have included the 3rd option too.

  1. get power pedals but that is a big cost but would work very well.