What do I need to use my Keiser M3i with Zwift?

Hello everyone!

Santa brought me a Keiser M3i bike and I am loving it so far. Now I want to ride using Zwift and I was told that I needed the Keiser M Series Converter to be able to use Zwift. However, as it is very pricey, I wondered if there was a cheaper alternative. I found the North Pole Engineering Cable Device but I am not sure if this would work. Also, it’s very hard to get in Germany where I live. Is there any other device which could do the job? What connection do I need?

Power meter pedals…but chances are they more money than the Keiser piece…

Hi @an_na, welcome to the forums. Looks like you need some sort of a converter, probably to make the bluetooth signal open so Zwift can use it.

From the website:
The M3i connects to many popular cycling apps to enhance your workout experience. The included M Series Converter provides access to a wide variety of compatible cycling apps, including Peloton (converter optional), Zwift, The SufferFest, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, and more.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for welcoming me! :slight_smile: Yes, I figured I needed the M Series converter (which was not included in my purchase) but I wondered if there was a cheaper alternative which would do the trick as well. Any ideas?

I’m guessing that the Keiser bike uses a proprietary signal for it’s own apps, and in order to use any others you need the converter to allow Zwift to read the signal. Looks like it is $70 extra, unfortunately.

Oh, thanks! The Keiser is able to connect to Bkool and some others out of the box, but I really want to try Zwift.

To which device are you referring for 70$?

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Oh, thanks! It’s 150€ in Germany but I will have a look at the price again as my Keiser is still quite new.

Welcome Anna, I have been Zwifting with the Keiser m3i and Converter for past 7 months. The Converter can in my purchase package. Probably a good investment and I do not know of a cheaper alternative that will reliably work. The converter does have its quirks, but overall has done me well. You should enjoy Zwift.

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Hey Daryl, thanks for welcoming me! Unfortunately, I didn’t order the converter with my bike but I think it wouldn’t even make a difference price-wise in Germany. I think I am going to try the converter. Currently, I am racing using Bkool (which is supported out of the box) but I guess Zwift is just e-racing’s flagship. I am looking forward to it!

Reach out to Keiser. They will give you the discounted price on the converter even if you did not order them together. Even with overseas shipping, it will be a lot cheaper than buying it retail.

I bought it from Keiser (Europe) directly, there was no discount, unfortunately.

Buy the converter. It works seamlessly with Zwift and you won’t regret being on Zwift in the least. It’s fabulous!!

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