Keizer M3i Users

Hoping there are kindred souls out there using the Kaiser M3i to Zwift. I have a question about the Bluetooth Converter. Has anyone else had trouble with the bike staying connected to the game if the bike has been sitting “idle” for a period of time? Example, was riding a 100 mile meetup with a friend and we took a break every 33 miles to stretch, pee, eat. . .If the bike sat idle for more than 10 minutes or so, the connection would repeatedly drop after getting started again. I changed batteries several times and it finally “took” but there have been other times where I’ve had to totally abandon a ride and reboot everything to get it to work. Anyone have similar issues? I suspect this is a Keiser problem, but thought I’m throw this out here too. Thanks!!

Lindsey, hi. I use an M3i also with the converter and recently began to have issues with the signal dropping. I contacted Keiser’s support and they recommended that I download and run the “Keiser M Series Converter Updater”. This app updates the firmware on the converter. After doing so, I was able to connect and the signal stayed connected with no drops. Not sure if this will help with your particular issue but you may want to check it out anyhow since it doesn’t hurt to have the converter up-to-date. Let me know if this helps. Later.

Ed, thanks for info! I was not aware Keiser had an updater app for the converter. I’ve downloaded and will give a go tomorrow. Many thanks!

Ed, I got the app downloaded and the firmware updated. Even got the converter paired to the bike, but now Zwift won’t recognize the bike in Bluetooth. Any suggestions?

Lindsey, hi. Good morning. I can offer you some of the suggestions the rep at Keiser support gave me. By the way, you can reach them at 559-256-8000 or their website. Since I use a Windows 10 laptop for Zwifting he said that after updating the firmware to check the operation of Zwift on my phone (I have an Android Pixel phone) before trying the laptop. After verifying that it was working well on the phone I went ahead and connected to my laptop and it worked there also. One interesting item he mentioned, which I also did, was to check if the M3i was listed as a device in the Settings…Devices…Bluetooth list on the laptop; if it’s listed (which it was in my case) he said to manually remove it from the list. Seems that the Zwift app has its own built-in Bluetooth utility and that having the m3i listed in the Windows Bluetooth list there can be some conflict. Hope some of this will help. If not contact Keiser directly, they’re super helpful. Let me know how it goes. Have a great day.

Thanks Ed! I tried it again using my iPad first and it connected fine. Then tried with AppleTV and it worked as well. All seems good!! Appreciate the info!