Keiser M3i Bluetooth? [SOLVED]

Thank you for letting me join to this forum.

I have owned a m3i since January 2016. I recently learned that m3i computer is capable of connecting to apps using Bluetooth.
Yesterday, I tried it first time and I couldn’t connect it to anything.
I am wondering if my m3i computer does not have Bluetooth feature.
Is it possible?

It not currently supported according to this link:

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Hi @Shikyo_Sawada welcome to Zwift forums.

The M3i bike itself is not on our list of supported hardware. It seems that the flavor of Bluetooth it uses is not the open standard Zwift and other third party apps use. It looks like the only app that it connects to is Keiser’s own apps.

However, Keiser claims that their M Series converter will make it work with an open Bluetooth standard. Again, this is not something Zwift has verified, so no promises from Zwift.


I recently bought a Keiser M3i with the M Series Converter and Polar HR monitor. I am able to use Zwift and have been for the past month. Receives Cadence, Power and HR. Seems to work pretty well as long as you limit the number of bluetooth signals only to the one computer (I use MacBook Air hooked up to a monitor) that is operating the Zwift program. You can use the Companion Zwift app on another device (iPhone) as long as you use wifi (same wifi modem as computer) and disconnect Bluetooth. Simultaneous bluetooth signals cause your ride to stop intermittently during the ride which is frustrating.

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I user the Keiser converter and it works seamlessly with Zwift - I have used it on Apple TV or my iPad, and the companion app on my iphone.

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I also use Keiser m3i with their Bluetooth converter. I connect it to an iPad Pro then. Works really well.

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