Connection to Keiser M3i spin bike

The wisdom of the crowd !

Hi fellow Keiser M3i owners.

I m looking to gather support for the idea of Zwift developing their system so it will connect to my Keiser M3 i.

Please Post your request and support. The dudes at Zwift are open to requests as I understand it. They just need help in working out demand so they can prioritise.


My understand is the problem is on Keiser’s end; their power meter does not communicate out in the standard langauge/protocol so therefore it cannot be used by Zwift.  You appeal should go to Keiser.

Hi to Zwift,

Can you update all of us who want to subscribe and have a Keiser M3i spin bike…

Surely demand is there now given Keiser sales figures ?

In an age when Elon Musk is sending cars into space can you guys not collaborate with Keiser to get their bike to communicate with your kit

Many thanks


Hi David, 

Paul is correct. Keiser still uses a proprietary communication protocol. Integrating it is still planned though.

I’ll add another voice in support for Keiser M3i support. They are open about their bluetooth protocol so it doesn’t seem impossible.

Thanks, looking forward to it!