Keiser m3i converter questions

So I have joined a gym that has several Keiser m3i bikes, and while I have an awesome Zwift setup at home, it might be nice to be able to connect from the gym as well. But I couldn’t tell from previous posts here or elsewhere if I could just buy a converter and use it with whichever bike is free at the gym or not.

Anyone tried this? I know the power will be estimated and possibly wildly different from my home setup, that’s okay.

Take a look here:
and here:


Interesting, it sounds like the converter receives the Bluetooth signal from the bike, makes some changes to the data format, and then pairs to Zwift also via Bluetooth. This sounds like something @Roberto_Viola could build into the QZ app to make the converter unnnecessary.

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qz is already able to connnect to the m3i directly without the converter and send the metrics to zwift! give it a try!


I started on Zwift on a Keiser, I bought a K2pi, and used it for over a year, and fairly recently again as well.
I used the ANT+ one for the record.

It was great for me, just needed USB power.
But I had zero issues, rarely had any drops, and once I resolved a sensor location, never had drops.

But the power metering on the Keiser definitely matches up with my Kickr.


Thanks! I’m not a big video person, and all the text tutorials I’d found were centered on people buying one for home use and permanently attaching the converter, so I couldn’t tell if you could do so temporarily/on a different bike each time. But according to that first video it looks like you can.

Cool! I don’t generally have a second bluetooth device on me to be able to do that, but good to know QZ supports it, and thanks for replying!

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If you establish a Bluetooth connection to a device (here, the SmartBike), this connection will remain active until you disconnect it. Usually, simply closing the application that uses the Bluetooth connection (here, Zwift) is sufficient.

However, your smartphone/tablet may not forget the possibility of connecting to the device (SmartBike) because it might automatically save the Bluetooth connection access name/s to the device in its Bluetooth connection list.

In that case, after closing the application (Zwift), you should check if a connection has been established /or is listed in the Bluetooth connection list of your smartphone/tablet that has a name similar to the device (SmartBike). If there is no similar name, everything is fine; otherwise, you should delete that connection name.