Keiser M3i update and Zwift

(Phil Navarro) #1

I’ve been unable to reply to earlier Keiser topics. Had to start new one…

I’m borrowing the M3i for my rehab. Wanted something to help with wall staring. Came across Zwift but found it was not compatible after many searches. I contacted Keiser and received this reply:

…we will be compatible with Zwift come this Holiday season! We are unveiling our “M Series Converter” which will translate our bluetooth signal to something more compatbile with Zwift…

Hope this helps anyone looking to use a Keiser M3i. I’m just not sure what the window is for a Holiday Season? Halloween to Easter? Fingers crossed it’s Thanksgiving to Christmas.


(Bulkan Slow) #2

Yes I had the same answer from them.

(Zachary Cardoza) #3

Hello Phil and “Bulkan”,

I am an engineer with Keiser and I can confirm that the M3i converter is currently only available in the US via the Holiday Bundle, but that it will become available for purchase by the public in February. Please check back in at the Keiser Store starting in February.

Thanks for being a loyal Keiser customer!

(T8392) #4

FYI, I’m using Keiser’s converter dongle with Zwift (and an M3i). As far as I can tell, it works great. I just did my first and second Zwift rides this week.

(A V) #5

Thanks for the update. I have the m3i and hope to get the converter as soon as it becomes available. Any idea about the price? Hope it’s reasonable, since it’s really a game changer and almost a necessity for the bike. Thanks

(Phil Navarro) #6

Here you go…

The price is $195. Reasonable? It would be nice if all these devices would play nice, but then they can’t sell other products at a markup. I might return it, and put the $200 towards a reasonably priced $250-$400 Trainer with Cadence, Power and Auto-Resistance to align with the Zwift app.

As far as connecting to Zwift, it works well. I get Cadence and Power. Although the photo shows Apple Watch for HR, it won’t work with iPad. To use the iPad, I use a Wahoo HR chest strap.

Good luck and Happy Holidays,


(A V) #7

Thanks for the reply Narvon. How long has it been available, it’s well hidden on the website, couldn’t have found it without your link. Man, I was hoping it could somehow provide Auto- Resistance because of the description :"…mimic the feel and intensity of road cycling."
Yeah, I get what you mean, it would’ve been nice for them to provide it at a discount for people who already have the bike w/o the converter…as for a new trainer, just don’t want to get another piece of equipment right next to this for the auto-resisrance considering how expensive this one was. I’ll give it a shot with Zwift. That’s what I’m really getting this for. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Hope you’re %100 soon.

(Frank Buchholz) #8

It should be a free converter as it’s finally delivering on the promise of what I bought a M3i for… Bluetooth connected device. Nope… Every six months or so I spend an infuriating day trying to get the Bluetooth on this bike to sync with the BKool app or any other app available. It doesn’t!!! It will for about 20 seconds and then drops the connection. DO NOT BUY THIS BIKE… Keiser made promises they have not lived up to. I find the Zwift site the best on their compatibility statement… “Keiser M3i - Only transits on BLE, and isn’t compatible with Zwift BLE yet.” As in every other trainer and accessory works fine over BLE but not Keiser. Heard of a firmware update???

Now you’re going to charge me $200 for the update that should have worked in the first place. I ended up buying a Wahoo Kickr over Thanksgiving and couldn’t be happier as guess what… it delivers as promised. Trying to sell my M3i now but can’t sell it as guess what… it doesn’t work as other modern equipment does that promises Bluetooth. Ugh.

Don’t waste your money… buy a Wahoo.

(Phil Navarro) #9

Kent, hope the holidays went well. Did you get the Converter? If so, has it worked well for your needs? I was a little disappointed in the quality of a $200 product. I couldn’t get it to work (turn on) and thought the battery was dead. I opened up the case, reset the battery and tried again. Still no joy. After much deliberation, I carefully bent the Battery Contacts and Voila, it worked… I understand not wanting to spend $$$$ on a new trainer. I’m borrowing the Keiser from a friend and when I return it, I will ‘Gift’ him the Converter as thanks for the use.

Frank, I understand the frustrations. I have a Garmin Fenix 5x. It has both ANT+ and Bluetooth. However, it won’t play nice (as most other products) with others. As you pointed out, the Keiser has both as well, but won’t transmit the ANT+ information to my Fenix and my Fenix won’t transmit my Heart Rate to the Keiser computer. The Keiser Bluetooth will only transmit to the iPhone Keiser App (without converter), but not to Zwift…This is typical of companies creating a Proprietary system to lock you into their products. Everyone does it. This works for some and hurts others. Sony lost the Betamax vs VHS battle. Apple wised up and created a Windows program for their iPod and quadrupled their sales. Anyway, enjoy your Wahoo Kicker and have a Happy New Year.


(Johnny Louie) #10

Hi there,
I am planning to get an M series converter dongle from Keiser, and I know the M3i does not have the function of auto adjustment of resistance. Can you please let me know how do you know what level within the M3i spin bike to use during your cycle ride within Zwift?

It would be great to hear your user experience with using the dongle and connecting with Zwift.


(T8392) #11

When using M3i+converter with Zwift, the M3i ride is at whatever resistance level you set the M3i to. It doesn’t automatically vary the resistance with terrain or wind.

(Background for anyone else reading: The M3i resistance is predictable/repeatable. That is, if you set the M3i resistance knob to, say, level 12, its resistance is the same as any other time it’s set to level 12. As a result, for a given resistance setting and cadence (for example, 90 RPM at level 12), the watts generated is the same. You choose the resistance and ride at whatever cadence you can, and Zwift receives the resulting watts. There’s no automatic adjustment.)

I’ve been satisfied with the converter. It took me two sessions to pair with Zwift, but has been reliable since then. I agree it should be priced at cost, both because it’s a core part of the M* product (although Keiser’s BLE implementation is fully-documented, until this converter, it’s been basically useless for all practical purposes) and also because it’ll sell more M3i units. I don’t think the margin Keiser could make on the converter is worth the lost goodwill – it’s nickel-and-diming. I can say that it works well though.