What dictates Course schedule?

I haven’t found anything that answers this specific question, but out of curiousity, what dictates the course shcedule?  I found an article that says that it tries to be varied by popularity, but is there some other reason like support, development, etc?  i know there’s a way to modify the world tag to choose where to ride, but i’m more curious about why the schedule is built the way it is.  

I just started about a month ago when i bought a smart trainer, and i’m really enjoying it.  Great alternative to riding in the rainy Oregon fall/winter/spring months.  it’s also fun annoying my wife about going on a group ride in the garage.  I even got my daughter interested in it, so now we fight for time on the weekends.

Thanks for all the hard work and a great product.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, the monthly calendar is located here: https://community.zwift.com/

BTW, hope you are not asking for more Richmond.

BTW London is worse then richmond, richmond is fine, just do hilly

There are many things that dictate the monthly course including popularity, internal marketing efforts, planned events and races and more! We try to vary it as much as possible so that you never get bored. Ride On!