Weird Results

Weird one in one of the lunchtime races we run, 2nd place rider was +0.-2 seconds from first, whatever that means…

Zwiftpower confirms them as finishing the other way round.

I’ve not seen this before and wondered if it were something odd about the Rolling Highlands course which might get high profile in the coming week…

I didn’t see who apparently crossed the line first, but on the Companion App and results screen it showed Schwagerl as fastest time, but oddly still third in Companion app. Placed third in Zwiftpower…

Similar on this post, but think that race was on Downtown Dolphin.

Same issue re time gap shown on CA Race Results screen.

Weird bug where both the order and timing between riders are wrong on the ingame result screen. Zwiftpower showing reverse order with me winning with 0.031 to Buster. It was in the Zwift Tiny Race 3/4 Zone 1 11:30 am Cet

Similar bugs have been reported

It says page not found when i try and open it

Sorry, corrected the link

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Thanks, not the most important bug fix out there, but better to have them together f it starts to escalate with more reports. Only difference i saw here was that buster had steering and i didn’t in this race, so wonder if that might be doing something

And this one if your keeping a record.

I saw exactly the same order and negative time gap in my result screen.

Hey folks, we have a server change that was just released earlier today that is designed to fix the issue related to the time sorting in results. There is no need to update your game client (there is no update) for this one because of the server-side fix. At most, you’ll need to restart your game client.

This change will not affect existing race results, meaning the examples provided in this thread will not be retroactively updated. From today forward, however, there should be no issue.

If you continue to see the issue crop up in the next couple of days, please let us know here. Thanks!