Weighted Power Average


As one becomes more and more aware of their personal training strengths and weaknesses, one of the best gauges of progression is power. Monitoring average power of the course of a ride is key and enjoyable. However, on routes that allow the super tuck, that impacts your average power of the course of the route… in fact, any time you stop peddling, it has an impact on your average power statistics.

I would like to request at least an option to see what your “weighted power” is, or some sort of filter that allows us to see what our true power average is over the course of a route, not including the time spent either super tucking or not peddling.

As a bonus, it would be nice to be able to see our average power at all times in the companion app… and even better still, on screen.



You should vote up this Feature Request: https://forums.zwift.com/t/hud-customisation

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Is what you are looking for similar to Normalized Power which Zwift computes? Not exactly the same, but to some extent that is the intent of Normalized Power.

I could be cruel and say that your ‘true power average’ is the one that includes the times you freewheeled, you want the ‘false’ value.

If you share you Zwift rides with Strava or Garmin they will give weighted power, power history, etc.

ps. It’s great training to peddle downhill too. I enjoy burning past the supertuckers, just haven’t quite got my 100kph badge yet (99.4).

@Mark_Gallagher I upload all rides to Garmin and I don’t see a “weighted power”. I see Average Power (which is the same number Zwift shows for average power, I don’t know if it includes the 0 watts time or not), Max power, Max average power (20 min), Normalized Power. Which of these are you thinking is some form of a weighted power?

No, even Normalized Power isn’t as accurate as it could be. Zwift Power shows your NP.

It’s great training peddling downhill, but super tuck and freewheeling is also a big part of riding strategy … on the real road, you use these to your advantage.

You have to be a Premium Subscriber on Strava to see “Weighted Power”

That’s more in a race, where finish position and how you used power to achieve that trumps average power.

Yeah, but if you’re riding for you and no one else, the numbers all make sense within your personal profile. It’s the same as when you sprint and your watts spike up to 1000 … that affects your “average power” … so having a way to filter out both super tuck and sprints (closer to normalized power) is what I’d like to be able to see in Zwift.

Meh, it’s worth the 5 bucks a month to support an app that is so useful though.

Oh I agree. I pay for it myself, but that’s probably why @Joel_Larner can’t see it.

Normalized power = weighted power. Normalized power is trademarked so many companies choose to not use it and have their own term for it.

I don’t upload to Strava. I use Garmin as my exercise repository. Thus why I don’t see it.