Is power at end of ride average or normalized?

(Luke Gillmer) #1

Is the power average at the end of the ride an average? Is there a place to see normalized power for the ride also?

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

I can’t say with 100% certainty, but the average number always matches up with avg on Strava and never matches the normalized power value in Strava.  So I think it is real average.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Yeah, it’s average power.   We don’t display normalized power anywhere - the only time I think I’ve ever wanted it was post-ride and it’s then available in Strava.  Is normalized power something you generally look at during a ride outside?

(Luke Gillmer) #4

No NP isn’t needed during the ride, but it would be good to see it at the conclusion of the ride with some other key states perhaps it just saves logging into strava.


(robin sarner - Endurance Nation) #5

Np and average power is needed during the ride.   

(Pär Christiansson) #6

I think my Garmin devices uses the NP to determine the FTP. I’ve read several articles that states that the NP are a more accurate value since it also considers the intensity variations. So, Garmins FTP and Zwift FTP are not the same…? A bit confusing…