Weight on Zwiftpower shows up in red, why?

My weight is correct and it shows up after every ride in red on Zwift Power? Is it trying to fat shame me? :slight_smile:

What’s going on?


yes sort of. The highest metric for each data point in the race on zp is shown in red including heart rate, weight, avg/5/20 min power.

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Strange, so each time I see my weight in red then that is because I the heaviest MF in the race? I thought it was ZP thinking I was misrepresenting my weight.

If you’re looking at your profile, it means it’s your heaviest weight. Only if it shows up as red on the race results does it mean you are the heaviest in the field.

…or lightest (the height and weight columns highlight both extremes).


I’m in the same boat, Guy. I just found out that either I’m the heaviest competitor in may last thirty races or others don’t understand the concept of “Enter your weight here”. I’m happy enough to trudge away in C rather than go on a magical diet and race a higher grade. Ride on!