Zwiftpower, lost weight but new weight is shown in red

I hope the remains of sticky can provide their great wisdom.
I try to use zwift with my IRL weight, but last year, since I synched my zwift account to zp, I lost 2kgs close to 4lbs I believe… idk), the thing is that since I keep updating my weight changes (I use weekly average, since we all have a ± per day/week) but when I check my race results my weight is shown ir red numbers when it’s lower… i.e. I started racing with 61kg, but now I weight 60, 60 is shown in red.
Is red an indication for a new measurement in general or is it a flag/is it counting as if I was cheating?

No worries! If it is new high in performance metrics it is shown in red. A new low in weight is also shown in red. Congratulations on your weight loss and Ride On!


Maybe your height is over 6’ and you are 50 years old? :joy: only kidding. It’s red probably because the height/weight/age difference is not inline with the statistical norm. Ignore it and have fun.