watts off today

(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #1

watts showed over 5K on sprint. i wish

(Mike McCarthy) #2

Hey Steve, given how you crushed the finish sprint, maybe it was accurate!

(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #3

had 2nd taste of my morning coffee on that one. I think I may have a shot at it now I know where to launch from.

(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #4

watts actually were correct in the file after uploaded to strava but on the screen, showed 5036 watts for 5 sec. in the game.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Steve, if you wouldn’t mind could you open a support ticket and attach the log.txt file from Documents\Zwift\Logs? It might have some details as to what was going on.

Did you use the fit file from Zwift, or from your garmin, when you uploaded to strava?

(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #6

Yes, I used the Fit file from zwift. That uploaded correct watts but what showed on the screen was different for all watt boxes, 5 sec, 1 min ect.