Watts -> speed error today..

(Nikolaj Bugge) #1

Tried going for a ride today, but the watt/speed conversion was way off. Zwift detected my Vector and the exact same watts as my Garmin (nothing seemed to be different than usual), but my Avatar hardly reacted.
It got in the saddle when I started pedalling, but didn’t move until 30-40 seconds after I started the ride. Then it slowly picked up speed (while I maintained the same watts) until reaching 23 km/h, only to slow down and come to a stop around the 1st sprint marker…

Zwift picked up my watts, cadence and HR correctly all the way.

I wonder if it might have something to do with me changing my profile settings to match my correct height and weight? I double-checked the profile, retyped all the information, but that didn’t change anything.
I also restarted my PC and the program several times. All without changing the above mentioned…

Anyone been experiencing something like that?

I uploaded the short ride to Strava here: https://www.strava.com/activities/241293655

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Nikolaj, your weight looks good, however you’re running an old version of the game. You should be running Zwift from the desktop icon or start menu, but it appears you’re either running the exe directly or via a shortcut you created.

Try running using the shortcuts the installer created, and it should run the update process and download the latest version.

(Nikolaj Bugge) #3

Ah, that makes perfect sense. However, for some reason, the desktop shortcut that was originally created, disappeared some time ago. Not because I deleted it, one day it was just… gone… Any way for me to get it back, without creating my own shortcut?

(Paul Holmgren KCK) #4

I have the same experience with kickr and the latest software.