Dashboard Issues and Some Flakiness

My dashboard shows the average watts on my previous rides as 500+ watts. While I would love if it were true, it was sadly a more unremarkable 230 to 250 watts.

I also had, prior to working out, updated my weight in the profile to get those 8kgs back that Zwift was penalizing me – I am not proud I actually care about this – and noted that it was 0 when I went back in. I am not sure if that was a pilot error or something more insidious. It is there now, but I have not yet gone back out for a ride. I may not get chance to get back in there today to check it out.

While riding, I did experience some flakiness in the graphics related to another user I was passing. The user was appearing off the road and periodically and instantaneously in front of me. It had the effect of a horror movie ghost. This happened a few cycles before I overtook him definitively.

If you change from imperial to metric units, your average power will then be correct. This looks to be a bug that has been reported to the Zwiftmeisters.