Watts meter donut from Companion app to Web app

Does anyone use the Watts Meter doughnut on the companion app as passionately I do :). I just love the way it helps you to stay in the zone, the one of the web just shows the number (impossible to stick to a number and also impossible to calculate the range) but the companion app shows a nice meter and Needle showing where i am.

Does ZWIFT consider to have this on the web any time ?


Hello @Utkarsh_Gadewar, welcome to the forums. I believe you are referring to the “Workout” screen on the companion app. This screen is only available when you are doing a workout, not when freeriding or in events/races. If you have a smart trainer then you are able to use ERG mode which keeps your wattage at the exact target as prescribed by the workout.

@Mike_Rowe1 yes “Workout” screen is what i was referring to. Thanks for your input about the ERG mode.
I have a basic setup with Wahoo Sensors, i guess i am asking for too much with the basic setup then :). If i have it on the Companion app workout screen then why not on the web version, the logic seems to already built, its exposing it to another version.


Here is an image I found on Google, the actual watts are next to the target (highlighted in green) in this example (center of the screen under the speed, distance, time):

Does this not give the same information you are looking for?

My take on @Utkarsh_Gadewar 's request is that he wants the same ANALOG display (the partial doughnut), NOT a digital display on the PC implementation. I’m with him. Some people are right brain dominant. Some are left brain dominant or both. But those who are more visually dominant get absolutely NO reaction to seeing a number changing on the screen as an indicator for increasing or decreasing power. The very nature of the “have you tried Zwift Companion App yet” on the opening screens is indicative of the fact that many users do NOT use ZCA, and do not have access to the same visuals. +1 support for the idea, and more broadly, that all functionality should span both platforms. That I cannot search for a Zwifter on the PC seems quite self-defeating. There are clearly reasons why Zwift is pushing their clientele so strongly towards the ZCA, and by splitting these functions they seek to accomplish such. But they’ve simply not communicated the WHY of that push…

The display might look something like the following (of course the metrics would match each other, but you get the idea…):

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The Companion app does it as explained above.
If you only want to stay within a certain zone, the display at the bottom of Wes’ example shows the zone graph. It is activated by pressing the “G” on the keyboard.
The graph is always present when in a workout.

Those are the 2 that I use.

That may be so… but the G (power graph) function DOES NOT provide a continuous infinite (analog) feedback on precisely where within a given zone one is. The “doughnut” pie-chart display DOES. It’s not possible to keep the “needle” in the middle of a power-zone range without such an analog display.

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Big thanks to @Wes_Free for describing this perfectly.

@Mike_Rowe1 thanks for your input on all this.

I dont think anyone can stick to that number, when it says ride at “190 W” you just cant stick to 190 W so how much up and down am i allowed, ok even if i know how much up and down i am allowed am i going to remember that after 2 hours of cycling ? A diagrammatic representation works wonders to keep me in range. I am in constant race with that number it either goes up quickly or down quickly the Analog display helps me keep in that range.

I do most of my rides with a specific focus or a group ride which are also about specific Power usage. The Analog display helps a lot to keep me in check.

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