Adverage watts


Whilst ive been doing my rides on zwift in ERG mode, so the bike is doing all the gears etc for me, it would be great if zwift would display your watt adverage for the workout your currently on.

I’m trying to increase my watts and rather than guess and alter the difficulty through the ride which is a pain it would be nice to see a current wattage and also a predicted end wattage of your workout so you know if your on target.

Also i know you can adjust the difficuly through the ride etc, but, it would be nice for an option to set all your cool down times in a work to what you like rather that when your on a rest period having to increase the decrease again.

This probably wont matter to a lot, but it would be really help me and maybe a few others out there. :grin::muscle::+1:


There is a plugin that you can run called Sauce that can provide this. if you search for sauce for zwift you should be able to find more information about it. Ride On.

Appreciate that mate. Thank you :+1: