Run workout now in watts!

Very nice UI change for the workouts, problem no one uses watts for running + even with this new UI now we cannot check on the graph what pace (or watts) it represents, oh and by the way it was working just fine… can you please unbreak it? thx

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A vote on this. This is extremely annoying.

@Sebastien_Denes and @PS2
Thanks for reporting this. It’s a known issue that’ll be fixed in the next Companion app update.

Is this also what is causing the output in the top right corner of ZCA to display watts or w/kg. I have 2 different tablets, during a bike ride, on my wife’s it will display watts, on mine it will display w/kg

Nevermind, wife just found out if you click on the watts/w/kg in the top right corner when on the route map it will change between the 2 options

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Hi there, the issue is not limited to the companion app, indeed the screenshot is from the main app. As a runner you look at your intervals and “thresholds” in pace (or HR eventually). We I preview a workout I want to see (as it was in the past) the interval speed either in miles or km per hour not in watts.

Hi Shuji,
any news on this issue, haven’t seen any fix yet.