Watts lower after adjusting body weight

After losing 20 lbs I adjusted my body weight in my profile. Since then I have had to ride at a tougher gear to achieve the same watts that I used to get. I use a Cyclops Hammer with AppleTV. Has anyone else had this issue?

Have you done a spin down since updating your weight? I’m not sure that will correct the issue, but it shouldn’t hurt.

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agreed calibrate trainer on rouvey.com

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This makes sense to me. Heavier people just produce higher watts at a give speed, say at 20mph. You should be able to do the same efforts with less watts since you weigh 20 lbs less. At the lower weight though, you should be going faster at the same wattage you did previously.

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Check your W/Kg. I’ve dropped 35 lbs YTD (thanks Zwift). I don’t look at Watts very often but do look at W/Kg and check the avg after my rides in the Companion App. Congrats on dropping the lbs.

What are you talking about?

You really need to read with comprehension in mind. I told the original poster to check his W/Kg. That means Watts per Kilogram. It’s a statistic in Zwift. Feel free to “flag”, but be sure to re-read my post first.

Lol. What part of “I lost 35 lbs” did you miss?

Please accept our sincere apologies, we commend you on your achievement but that no excuse to call me a fatty

You lost me. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Often when we lose weight, some of it is muscle too. Your leg strength should return, and with it your wattage should return as well. Often, people have to go down a gear, rather than up. Do you include some stretching in your routine? Tightness is something that can slow your legs down (or your cadence) without losing any strength.

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