Wattage okay, MPH isn't



I’ve got a Wahoo KICKR Snap.  It has my wattage okay, but for some reason I’m going like 4 mph all the time.  I do think I’m going faster.  :)  Thoughts?

Much more info is needed.

How many watts?

What is the virtual terrain you are riding on?

What is your weight?

Zwift uses wattage to calculate your in-game speed, along with your weight, virtual terrain changes and drafting.

The more info you give use the better we can assist you.

It had me at about 60 Watts, I was on the volcano lap.  I weigh 197#.   I was pedaling pretty hard too.


OK, how fast were you going? 

I would expect on a flat section you would being doing about 16mph, but going up a hill you would be doing considerably less (below 5 mph would be my guess).

Pedaling hard is relative, since 60 watts for you is hard, but for other 200 watts is a tempo ride. 

Did you calibrate the trainer?