Wattage display is very irregular (Xplova Noza S)

Helle there,

I’m using the Xplova Noza S in combination with Zwift. For the last 2 months the powerdisplay (watts) is highly irregular. See the added screenshots.

The first 25/30 minutes of a session the displayed watts go from 200 to 50 and back again. When I’m going uphill they go from 300 to 100 and back again. The resistance I get on my trainer seems to be ok and my cadence is stable (around 85).

After 25 minutes the powerline suddenly becomes stable and the displayed data seems correct (see the red line in de screenshot).

I tried to calibrate the Xplova Noza a couple off times with the spindown-option in the Workout Plus App. This fails constantly.

Does anybody have an idea what I can do to fix this? To participate in races or trainingssessions, I have to do a 30 minute warmup, otherwise the data is bad and I fall behind.

If you can’t calibrate it using the manufacturer’s app, then you probably need to get support from the manufacturer.