Power Drop on Nova Xplova S

I’ve recently been having an issue when riding where my power drops to 0 multiple times on a ride and i get a connection error on screen but when I go to bluetooth settings my power is connected and showing watts but watts are 0.
I am using the Nova Xplova S trainer via a Bluetooth connection and a wahoo cadence tracker. It is really frustrating as I usually have to unplug and replug the trainer a few times to get it to reconnect. Not sure if it is an issue with Zwift connection or my trainer but thought I would put it out there and see…

I’m using Zwift on my phone also not on laptop or tablet

Hi Megan … causes of sensor drops can be numerous and is likely what you are experiencing. Work through this Zwift support guide (below). Also making sure you turn off 2.4ghz wifi (leaving just 5ghz) will clean up a wireless environment, and so could also help.

BLE vs ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips.

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Thanks Dean - will give this a go. Having spoken to a few fellow Zwifters it may be that I am running too many devices through Bluetooth so will look through what you shared.

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