Watt stability

Hi community

I’ve a question regarding watt stability.

I’m using a Tacx Neo 2T.

During workout, there is no way to stabilize watts. For exemple, If i need to keep 350w during 3 minutes, I’m still moving around 340/360. After workout, if i check the curve, it’s not stable (up/down).
When checking some workout done by other rider, the curve is very very stable/flat, like around 349/350.

Idea ?

Thank u

Others are using erg smoothing (normally Wahoo devices, but others such as Wattbike now have this) - They are not actually holding their watts that steady, that is just the way it is displayed to make it look nicer.

Dont worry about it.

Yes don’t worry, if your fluctuation over 3 mins is only 340/360 you have a pretty good steady cadence.

I wouldn’t worry about that level of fluctuation too much.

Maybe you can try looking at how you pedal but for others it’s probably smoothing they are using.

Like others have said, it’s probably just down to ERG smoothing on other devices. It’s really normal for power to fluctuate around 15w up/down. Don’t worry about it. If your did 10w up/down while not being in ERG mode, you’re actually really good at keeping steady power.