Watopia City

(Mark Hewitt) #1

I know you’ve only just released the latest extension today and you’ve probably already got long term plans but what about the next extension?

I would say build a road down the other side of the mountain pass and there you’ll find Watopia City, a place which may well bare more than a passing resemblance to Richmond, but has two way roads all around and a few more options for turning. 

It would be an excellent contrast to the rural setting of the rest of Watopia and would put to rest the ‘Richmond question’ by basically incorporating a Richmond style course into Watopia, so if you wanted you could ride around Watopia City, do the mountain pass, then to Watopia town and back over the pass to the city.

You could mix it up such that half the week you start in the city the other half you start where you do now; much like you do with Richmond & Watopia at the moment.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Mark, 

Thanks for your suggestion, sounds interesting :slight_smile: We definitely will add it to the list. 

Ride On!