Watch OS10 Cycling Power

With the very soon to be released Watch OS10 which can now capture power, speed and cadence data. Will the ZCA be updated also to update these values within Apple Fitness as an activity and also Apple Health?

This would be very useful. Just ordered the ultra 2.
Iā€™m also wondering if the trainer (in my case kickr bike 2) can send the data to zwift and the watch/fitness app?

Yes. While we wait for the ZCA to add these metrics to Apple health, you can in the meantime pair your new Ultra 2 with the Wahoo kickr bike 2 and it will read power, speed and cadence through the Indoor Cycling Activity on your Apple Watch via OS10. It will even estimate your FTP.

The latest iOS supports cycling power data points, can Zwift companion be updated to export this data as part of the activity sync? Other apps have implemented power numbers to flow through to Apple health / fitness now.

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