Was the route extended because of steering?

I did the „Off the MAAP” Ride (stage 4) yesterday. Route was “Three Sisters” and steering was allowed.
With the steering on and cutting corners I was able to reduce the length of the ride for about 400 meters in total.
But Zwift did not finish my ride at the downtown finish banner instead around 400 meters after the banner. (you can see the finish line at the minimap at the attached picture).

Is this supposed to be this way and/or was this the finish line for everyone?

I can add experienced a similar thing on tempus fugit TT course. Finish was some meters beyond the normal arch. No steering though.

Mine was extended as well. It was confusing because we sprinted for the banner but I was also watching my distance to the finish the two weren’t matching up. I just kept going and then went though a light wall thingy as a finish when my distance remaining hit 0.

zwift set the events for distance not laps.

That’s my question. This event was based on a route (three sisters). Do I have to go beyond the regular finish line because I did not make the distance because of my steering and cutting corners?

I don’t use a Sterzo and my distance did not align with the finish arch either. I don’t think it had anything to do with cutting corners. The extra distance was maybe 50m?

Based on the route yes but they used a distance longer than 1 lap for some reason. Steering would not matter.

The shorter Royal Pump Room didn’t finish at the banner either. There was a fence a little past the MAAP banner.

I rode this one with steering disabled ( actually on my non steering setup ) and my finish line was also 200 meters after the banner - so not steering related :slightly_smiling_face:


Thx everyone!