Warmup too hard for me, is there easier mode?

Hi there,

For past few years I have been cycling outside on max elevation 14m for 25-50km almost daily doing avg 25km/h in summer/spring/autumn, also I work out 2-3 times a week for past few years, so I would not consider myself as a couch potato.

I have decided to buy a smart trainer and start zwifting when the weather is bad, however I have hard time to even finish a 5km ride. My thighs are just burning during warmup which requires me to do around 200w for 2/5 intensity.

In short, zwifts warmup is almost my peak performance.

Is there any training program for weaklings like me? Or should I just go for it and to more short but hard sessions not finishing the workout until my body gets used to it?

Sounds like uve never done an ftp Test and its set to high. For the start u better set it at something like 120.


I suggest doin an ftp test sooner or later.

Thank you, I will check it out!