Programmed work out efforts seem very difficult compared to outside riding

The programed workout efforts seem much harder than riding outside. My ftp (per zwift) is registering at 200, my past trainer and outside ftp tests resulted at 225. With that said, the efforts prescribed in the workouts have efforts for example of 180w for 3 min but yet the resistance seems much harder than I would expect at this output. Could I have a setting in zwift incorrect?

What’s your trainer / power measuring source. If it’s a wheel on trainer are you doing a spindown calibration every day after warming it and the tyre up for 10 minutes. Unless you’re using the same power measuring source for both indoors and out then it’s quite likely you’ll see differences.

That said, if your FTP is 200 then 3 minutes at 180 watts / 90% of FTP should be pretty comfortable. I’ve just finished a workout today that was 5 x 10 minutes @ 94% of FTP. Tough but doable.

Have you got enough cooling? Efforts inside can seem harder if you’re not getting enough cooling.

Hey Nigel, thank you for the reply. My indoor trainer is Kinetic smart trainer so no, the measure device would be different for indoor and outdoor. I do have fans running for cooling. It just seems that the “180 watts” for the 3 min is really “blowing me up” …maybe its me, im not sure anymore. Ill keep at it and see how it comes out.

Hi Lee. Could be your trainer’s power is off. You might need to redo your FTP test. I suggest doing a ramp test rather than a 20 minute test to calculate it.

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Hey @lee_holter
Many poeple have lower FTP on indoor trainers. Why is complex.

  • BPM higher, temperature higher
  • no winds, no fan
  • your metabolism works inefficient under these conditions compared to outdoor rides

the point is. Just go deep over 5 min and later over 20, 40 or even 60 min on your indoor trainer and you only the FTP on your trainer for your workouts on trainer.

Never compare your FTP when doing a test in the flat, hills, mountain different sea level, indoor, outdoor, omnium and so on… it is always different. Your daily fitness is also influencing the test and values a lot.