Wahoo Treadmill

This is almost enough to make me take up (virtual) running. If I were already a runner, though, and had the coin for this, it looks like it would be very cool.

Okay, that’s an amazing treadmill.
Curious to see how zwift will keep up on the software’s side.

Extremely cool tech, extremely high price tag. It’s good to know what may be out there at a sensible price point in a few years though.

And auto-incline ivm Zwift. Hope Zwift will role this out to make their treadmills as well.

If Kinomap is able to do, why Zwift not?

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At $5,000 I might have to wait for the “core” version!


It’s tempting - running is not a strong point for me.

I was never good at it but after my accident it’s even worse. Like rowing (never to see light of day) this something different to take away the monotony of endless cycling in Zwift.

You’ll be waiting a while Chris.

Doesn’t ship outside of :us: until 2025.

I’m going to wait for the Move version. If there’s one thing I’ve never liked about treadmills, it’s that they don’t rock side to side.

this one does

Ooh, I missed that part. There you go, we’ve reached nirvana.

Edit: Oh wait, it’s going to tilt with the road angle, not with the force from your feet. Nah, that’s not what I’m looking for.

Not sure nirvana is $5k! But I’d love to try it.

I’m not exactly up on treadmill prices, but I’ve been told by friends who own them that the ones you can get in the $1k USD to $1500 USD aren’t going to stand up to regular running. I’ve never had plans to buy one, but I always had a figure north of $2500 in mind to start with if I was going to. That a good quality model with new bells and whistles is double that doesn’t surprise me. But that’s without looking at the market very closely.

I did just check, and Amazon has treadmills for $200. :smiley: :laughing:

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DC Rainmaker posted an update discussing the value proposition for it. TL;DR: it’s price competitive with treadmills that offer similar performance characteristics

I would probably go for this if I could figure out how to run without pain. It looks pretty cool.

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What are you running on that does that in real life? a rope bridge?

I think running on something that wobbles about would be very weird at best

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No weirder than the Move feels.

but it is very unnatural to be on a bike that doesn’t move - the move moves the bike beneath you, it is very natural to be running on a road that doesn’t move beneath you.

the comparison would be if you were otherwise fixed in place on the treadmill which you aren’t.

Not in a way that feels very natural to me. Maybe if I used it more. Eh.

As the runner amongst us. I’ll not be buying one.