Hammer q. vadis treadmill

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I am a long time zwifter on the bike and want to get a treadmill for running on Zwift as well. I had my eyes on a Technogym Myrun because I heard very good things about this treadmill but the price pushes me off a little bit (although I will be using it regularly as I am currently training for my first marathon).

But yesterday I found the Hammer q. vadis 7.0 for as little as 1.650 € here in Germany, which is half the price of the Myrun. It seems to fit all my needs. It connects to Zwift, has 3 CHP, a very large running surface and goes up to 20 kph, which is plenty fast enough for me. The only real big downside seems to be that I cannot programm individual workout with this treadmill, which would be handy since I like intervall training.

However I couldn’t find any reviews of this treadmill online, and there is no shop near me where I could try it out, so I wondered if anyone here has any experience with this particular treadmill.


I have no experience with this treadmill but wanted to put another option out there for you: buy whatever treadmill is “best” for you (cost + features + reliability) and buy a separate North Pole Engineering “RUNN” device to stick to it. That way, you’re not compromising on the treadmill and NPE-RUNN acts as the bridge between it and Zwift, or other apps.

You can also take the NPE-RUNN with you if you’re traveling and want to use a gym treadmill.

Another option is a sportwatch and/or footpod, though those won’t be as accurate as the NPE-RUNN as they’re extrapolating speed from body motion. A lot of Garmin watches have a “virtual run” mode.

You should try them out. In real life in a showroom.

The most important thing to look at a treadmill isn’t just the plain numbers like motor horsepower and running surface.

It’s the dampening of the running surface and the belt itself.

Recently, my wife also searched for a new threadmill and the Q. Vadis was also in the list of a few devices to consider. We ended up that she tried each and every threadmill in the showroom available and compared them.

The Q.Vadis really had a poor dampening system, also the belt was very uncomfortable and the handling of speed changes wasn’t great. There are no quick buttons, if you want to adjust the speed then you have to repeatedly press the plus ore minus button or keep them pressed. This is absolutely nonsense during a running session, especially at higher speeds. It also was very noisy, and during the run, the console was wobbling around due to the vibrations.

We wouldn’t recommend it if you are aiming for longer runs and more advanced runners. It’s more of an entry level threadmill and designed to be used just a few hours during the week.

If you want to have a deeper insight of our comparison, you can send me a PM if you like.

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