Treadmill Recomendations

I am interested in getting a tread mill, but I don’t want one that’s ugly. I know that aesthetics and appeal are subjective, but I am looking for opinions. Does anyone have any recommendations for treadmills that you think are not ugly or are more appealing?

What are the feature you are looking for in your treadmill? That could also be help to people suggesting a treadmill for you.

Price range would also be helpful.

Motor size?
Tread size?
Smart (broadcast speed to Zwift)?
Cup holder?
Max incline?
Max decline?
Max speed?

And any other features you are looking for. After that people can better recommend a nice looking treadmill with the features you need for you.

Something that looks good, and is zwift compatible. That’s all.

These look very nice.



You could find one of these on the second hand market:

If you have $ to burn, this is probably one of the better looking Zwift compatible treadmills, without all the console extras you wouldn’t need using Zwift exclusively.

Technogym Myrun