Zwift treadmils that aren't ugly

Is anyone aware of zwift compatible treadmill that aren’t ugly? I like the look of the norditrack ones with the screen, but everything else I’ve found just looks bad.

Ugly is a personal view.

Any treadmill is compatible with Zwift if you use a foot pod or NPE RUNN.


Not very helpful, but thanks for your time.

Maybe I should be more explicit, I want a treadmill that isn’t ugly, and I want it to be fully compatible with Zwift.

The foot pod can’t adjust incline or speed, so it’s not what I’m looking for.

As far as aesthetics, I think we can all agree that some things look better than others.

Zwift cannot control incline or speed of ANY treadmill. A compatible treadmill just means that is can broadcast speed to Zwift.

What you may deem ugly other may think just the opposite.

Please remain civil on the forums.

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How was I uncivil? Because I disagreed with you? I even said thanks for your time.

And I am asking for what people think look good so I can decide for myself. I think that’s probably fine.

If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

What I treadmill I find to look good you may disagree.

What you should be concerned with is that it fits your running needs first and foremost.

Ok I get it you don’t have anything to contribute. Thanks for your help.

What do you mean, I am trying to help you.

You should worry about getting the feature you need in a treadmill first and worry about looks last.

What features are you looking for?
You need to make sure it has a good motor or you will end up paying more later.

Looks mean nothing in terms of how good a treadmill is, unless you plan on just looking at it and not using it.

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It seems like you mean well, but you aren’t helping. I am looking for something that doesn’t look ugly. I asked for people’s OPINIONS, to help inform my own. You telling me what I want is wrong, isn’t terribly helpful. If you want to point me to some that you think aren’t ugly, I’d love to take a look at them.

He isn’t telling you you’re wrong, at all. He is simply saying that you are asking a very subjective question as though it is objective. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so to speak. You asked for treadmills that aren’t ugly, but ugly is your opinion. Perhaps you should have asked about treadmills that others find appealing. None of us have any idea what you will think is ugly.


Footpod and a Sprintbok.

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And how is appealing less subjective?

Wow, that’s interesting. Thank you.

No worries. Certainly the most attractive treadmill I’ve seen - though I’ve absolutely no personal experience of it. Probably costs a million quid too. :smiley:

Yea, no price listed, but they let you choose your wood, so I’ll bet it isn’t cheap. Considering how expensive the assault runner is and that’s a similar design.

£5,499.00 here. :smiley:

Because you’d be asking what THEY find appealing, not what they think YOU wouldn’t find ugly.

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It’s a bit pedantic, it I rephrased it for you. Hope it helps.

Closing this thread since you started a new one.

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