I’m sorry, but I LOVE how Zwift says “one of the more popular treadmills is the TechnoGym MyRun”.

I’m sure it’s great…if you’ve got a spare $6000 lying around…

So what is Zwift’s cut of each TechnoGym treadmill sold?

I like Zwift - don’t get me wrong - but trying to push the highest priced one?

Where do you see them pushing the Techno Gym??

From the Zwift: Gow To page on smart treadmills:

Here is a list of smart treadmills which work with Zwift. One of the most popular with Zwift runners is the Technogym MyRun

There were a couple of other articles I saw where it was called “the most popular”. Sorry…but fail to see how a treadmill - no matter how “shiny and sleek” - which is runs three times what a comparable treadmill would cost could be the “most popular”.

I mean…you have to request a brochure just to find out what it does and doesn’t do. Their website is vacuous at best as far as useful information goes. But I guess if you have to ask, probably can’t afford it! :wink:

I am not seeing this in the link you supplied.

I have never seen that quote anywhere that has officially come from Zwift.

Your link point to a list of supported trainers. It does not provide anything more than a list.

That is the wrong link. Here is the link. And it is from Zwift.

It could very well be one of the most popular. I don’t see Zwift promoting the TechnoGym in that article anymore than the Bowflex, Lifefitness and a few others mentioned within it. If they would have put Life Fitness first would you still have the same opinion?

Even if Zwift gets a a cut of the sales, which is possible, I would call that business.

I see on TechnoGym’s website that they say it’s compatible with Zwift. Seems like it is a mutual promotion thing going on, like they have done with bike trainers in the past.

FYI, a lot of people go to gyms to use Zwift running and they could have TechnoGym treadmills there.

I would assume Zwift have a lot of data points on what trainers people are using, and I will not be surprised if it is the TechnoGym since most gyms that I have visited has them.

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