Wahoo Tickr - any good?

I want to start taking part in races (cycling) but I need an HR monitor.

Best I’ve seen on Prime is a Wahoo Tickr. Does anyone use this and do they recommend it?

Yes and yes. Used them for a few years. The new Tickr 2 is particularly good for ease of connection over Bluetooth. Ray’s review on DCR here

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…and GPLama’s overview here.


I use it for both outside riding/racing as well as Zwift. Works great BUT since I’ve been Zwifting I sweat more on the trainer and salt builds up where the sensor snaps into the strap. I’ve had one unit corrode and I had to replace it. Now I rinse the strap in cold water after every Zwift ride and wipe down the unit. Other than that it pairs easily with all my devices, great battery life and very consistent readings.


My Tickr v1 worked great but the snaps corroded and disintegrated after 2 years.

I just bought a Tickr v2 and returned it because it was substantially less accurate. Wahoo sent a replacement which had the exact same problem, so I think I’m going back to Garmin.

Along with the Tickr v1, I’ve previously had two Garmins and a Bontrager-branded unit (not sure who manufactured it) that all worked perfectly.

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My Tickr v1 is good. My Tickr v2 is not as good. Next time, I’m going back to Polar.

As others have said, be sure to rinse after working out, or the contacts will corrode.

My Tickr v2 is not as good.

What isn’t as good about it?

My original Tickr malfunctioned after about two years – it seemed to get “stuck” at about 130 bpm. My new one has been working fine for the past year or so.

I don’t like chest straps. That’s why I am using Tickr Fit. I use it on the left upper forearm. I have nothing to complain about.


Two things:

  1. With v2, when my heart rate first reaches about 135bpm, it will continue to climb up to about 155bpm before falling back to about 135bpm after about 30 seconds. It could be my heart, but this doesn’t happen with Tickr v1 or Apple Watch.
  2. I never have dropouts with Tickr v1. I have one or two dropouts an hour with v2.

Jim, You are referring to Tickr not Tickr X, correct? The Tickr X does a lot more internal processing and has on-board memory.

I had a Garmin back when I used a Garmin sports watch. It corroded from sweat.

I use a Tickr now. It works great, especially with Zwift, and is reasonably priced. I recommend.

The only drawback is it’s haunted. There is a blue and a red diode that flicker when it’s “connected” to you. Sometimes in the middle of the night, they start flashing, and pretty fast (think tempo pace). But if you can reconcile with lending your Tickr night time to a ghostly workout, then it’s a great piece of equipment.

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I have both Tickr and Tickr X in v1. My v2 is a Tickr X. I prefer the v1 Tickr.

The red and blue blinking pattern actually has meaning dpending on the pattern.
“ The Red LED flashes each time a heartbeat is detected. The Blue LED represents your connection state and has three modes: Slow Blink (about once every second) – TICKR is awake and not paired. … Quick Blink (about twice every second) – TICKR is paired to a device.”

Why the red wound blink when sitting on your nightstand is. well, it’s haunted :joy:

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Jim, is it V2 of the Tickr that is giving you issues or is it the TickrX?

v2 Tickr X is the one with problems.

I’m just looking for something that does it’s job, isn’t too expensive and will last a decent amount of time.

I have no interest in the raw data, just a tick in the box to race but not a cheapo.

£40 on Prime seems good to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Tickr should be good for you. That’s what I use and it’s held up pretty well, over 3 years. Be aware of the corrosion potential if you Zwift with it and give the band a rinse and clean the snaps. $49.95 in the US and I’ve never see it for less.

I bought Quadlock HRM some time ago - BLE + ANT+, tested both - no problems, pairs with all devices and apps. Using it outdoors, too.
Seems to have a really long battery life with a CR2032 (they say 800 hours, I am at 86% battery with about 100 hours).

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