Wahoo Kickr vs. Cervelo Caledonia SRAM Rival AXS

Hi Fellow Zwifters,

I have had the Wahoo Kickr v5 for a year now and absolutely love using it during the winter time. I recently bought a new bike (sold my old bike), the Cervelo Caledonia SRAM Rival AXS 12 Speed, and also absolutely love using it. Here’s the problem - It looks like I need the following to be able to use my new bike on the Wahoo Kickr 1) Adapters (which I have obtained) 2) a new free hub ($99 and I don’t have) 3) a different cassette ($$$ - optional, but preferred by some)

What is my cheapest and best option here to get me riding again on the Wahoo Kickr with my new bike?

  1. Buy the freehub - $99 and use my current cassette (SRAM Rival 12-speed XG-1250, 10-36)
  2. Buy the freehub - $99 and a new cassette - $132
  3. Buy a cheap bike to use with the Kickr - $$$?
  4. Use as is with the adapters and the provided cassette and hope I do not damage the bike?
  5. Use as is with the adapters and my current cassette minus one speed and hope I do not damage the bike?

Please let me know your thoughts.

p.s. I am noob when it comes to bike specs so go easy on me


Easiest is a cheap bike (2nd hand) then you dont have the hassle of bike swapping. But if that isn’t a real option for you, rather than geting XDR compatible freehub/cassette, just grab the SRAM PG-1230 (SRAM 12-speed) cassette which is shimano 8/9/10 speed compatible (works with Kickr freehub).

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Which adapters are you talking about?

Option 2 seems best to me but it’s your money.

Option 1 will deter you from riding outside.

Option 3 will encourage you to ride outside.

Thanks for the comment - Would I need to mess around with the chain and/or the derailleur on the PG-1230 cassette? Or is just plug and play

A 2nd hand bike would be ideal, just not in the mood to drop $500+

It depends on where the cassette sits relative to the derailleur (compared to the hub on your Cervelo’s rear wheel). However even if you buy the freehub body for the trainer, it may still require some fiddling with spacers to make the cassette sit in exactly the same spot as on the rear wheel.

The New KICKR/CORE 142 Thru Axle Adapters

Unfortunately I cannot add the link to this comment, but it is the adapters made specifically for previous non-compatible bikes like Cervelo

Those adapters won’t help your 12 speed drivetrain work with an 11 speed cassette. It will just make the bike fit on the trainer. You would still need the SRAM compatible freehub unless you go with the PG-1230 cassette that Dean mentioned. The adapters would be required to put the Cervelo frame on the trainer, independent of which drivetrain you use. Only option 3 lets you avoid the adapters.

By the way, I only see the PG-1230 in very wide mountain bike gearing. Looks like Rival only supports up to a 36t large cog in back, so you will want to find a cassette that has a 36t low gear or smaller. I haven’t worked on that drivetrain so I don’t know if it can do more. You may be really comparing the freehub body plus the adapters (plus a cassette if you want) vs the used/cheap bike.

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Nope - the SRAM PG1230 is same spacing as AXS so completely compatible with the SRAM 12-sp shifters/derailleur - it was a cunning marketing move on SRAM’s opart to grab Shimano market share in MTB space.

Good call out by Paul above re gearing spacing - I didnt think of that, ie, my advice was bad!!!

He needs the $100 XD driver for Sram 12 speed because their 10T cog doesn’t fit on normal freehubs.

Edit: The kickr adapter appears to only be $70.

All - I bought the XDR freehub and a new cassette (the exact same one that is currently on my bike) and installed it all, however, my derailleur is totally off its indexing. What did I do wrong?

Did you get this to work? I have a similar issue. The only thing you were missing is the adapter for the through axle for XDR. https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/indoor-cycling/accessories/kickr-thru-axle-kit

I am trying to set up the Cervelo P5 2022 SRAM Force AXS 12 speed. I bought all of the pieces, the kickr thru axle kit, the XDR freehub and used the cassette off of my wheel 10-33T. I am also still having shifting issues in the lowest 3 gears.

Hi Sandy - I got it sorted and have no material issues with my bike and the trainer aside from a little bit of excess noise and “clunkiness”. =I switched the lock nut that came with the XDR freehub (“XDR Nut”) with the lock nut that came with the adapter kit (“Adapter Nut”) and everything seems to be working fine now. Shifting is on point and the bike fits perfectly. The XDR lock nut did not fit perfectly within the Adapter Drive Side Spin Cap, whereas, the Adapter Nut did (it slid in), bringing the bike closer to the wheel. I think I resolved the issue

Hope that helps! If that doesn’t please let me know because that means I did something wrong on my end

Reading this because I will face similar issues with my future new bike - Boardman SLR 9.4 (Rival etap).
Isn’t it possible to index the cassette/shifting through the AXS app - micro-adjustments?