Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021]

From my earlier post, I saw the same issue (just at much lower power than you :slight_smile: ). But to be clear, did you turn just the trainer off but leave Zwift session running? Did you just turn the trainer off and back on but leave the ATV running? Did you shut everything off and then back on? Did you exit Zwift first shut everything off and then back on?

btw, I had the same issue again today.

Yes, I just turned off the trainer and turned it back on. I was while driving zwift without leaving the route. In this case, it helped. When I have a problem with passing the resistance, I will try again and write.

Afternoon all,
I am still having issues with my trainer even after doing the latest update…any further suggestions Zwift? When is this issue going to be fixed once and for all as it is extremely frustrating and a worry. Thank in advance.

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Hi, has the problem been solved now? my Kickr V5 has an update available. greetings Marcel

Happy New year :clinking_glasses::champagne::clinking_glasses::bike:

Didn’t read the whole thread but this is the reason I quit riding on Zwift. Has anyone from Zwift responded to this issue?

The last two Zwift updates have helped a bit, but it still happens. On a 2018 Kickr or a Kickr v5, with the latest firmware or the older firmware that you are supposed to revert to. I should know, I have the two trainers side by side in my basement and have tried everything.

This is like the Apple watch thing all over again. Zwift is going to deny there is an issue, ignore it for 4 years, then admit there is an issue.

I have found that if I don’t use the companion app, it happens less.

FWIW the last time this happened to me was like a week and a half ago doing a Bologna TT. It made me want to outright quite Zwift completely.

I am experiencing the issue for 5 months now and there is still no fix. Any alternative to ZWIFT?

thanks in advance,


I paused my Zwift account in November. Since then I’ve been using Rouvy, it’s a lot more rudimentary than Zwift and with a far smaller number of users but the riding experience and variety of road options is good.

I’m reluctant to leave Zwift for good, mainly because of the years worth of data I’ve compiled in there. But my account starts again in February and I won’t pay for a service I can’t use.

I feel the same way. I paused Zwift and started using Rouvy. Came back to Zwift hoping issues had been resolved, and they aren’t. The only issue I have with Rouvy is there is no training component if you are using AppleTv.

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So, How long is it going to take you guys to get this figured out?
Those of us that are experiencing these troubles for the past few months should get a discount!! Seeing how it is Not working properly! I’m sure I’m Not the only one that feels this way!!


I started with Zwift 2 months ago and immediately had this issue on 95% of my rides which makes Zwift completely unusable. Using a Kick core with Windows 10 and later 11 Laptop. I also use the companion app.
Two weeks ago I started trying my Android tablet to ride. Good news, no issues yet:)

But I much prefer using my laptop. I’m wondering: is Zwift (with wahoo??) still working on this big problem and are they getting anywhere?

I’m having a similar issue, but don’t think it is exactly reversing the gradient/resistance. Today the power was simply unpredictable.

I rode TdZ day 1. Accidentally entered the short ride, rode on after finish, until the 2 hour mark. The resistance seemed to go all over the place, mostly during the ‘freeride’ part. Some (but not all) descents had high resistance, climbs had low resistance, but when the incline was 0%, the resistance changed significantly too. Had to shift like 4 cogs to keep cadence (and perceived power) stable. A few times the power output as I felt it, didn’t match the displayed power. Both up- and downwards discrepancy… Riding a Wahoo Kickr Core.

I did my 1st ride today since the lastest update, I have a Kickr V4 on the latest fimware & the gradient seemed to feel really hard. I usually have my TD set to about 75% but I was having to put what I felt was big watts just to get up a 1% incline.

Rolled back the firmware on the Kickr but still the same issue. Ended up dialling down the TD to 50%.

Everything was fine before the game update so presuming it was this.

I am using ATV BTW on the latest iOS.

Is this still an issue?

The last few days before the update and since I’m finding it incredibly difficult to zwift.

I used to be able to sit with. b pace partner for a 2 hour block, now I’m being spat from a c group pacer!

S2 standard was horrendous with power dropping down and down regardless of cadence and really pushing hard. At one point on the Innsbruck descent I entered super tuck, it then took 400w to get the pedals moving again!!!

I use a kickr 17 so there’s no firmware roll back with my Atv 4K

I need to have a few more rides to be sure but it didn’t feel right to me initially. Either that or I’m massively unfit.

Hi @shooj - is there any update that you can provide?

Game update on ATV today & it seemed a lot better. Did a ride on the “old” version that still seemed really hard & then another on the newer version which was more like I’d expected it to feel. Still not 100% convinced though.

Why does Zwift seem to have issues with Kickr’s when they release an update? The subject of the gradient on screen not matching the gradient felt in resistance has been going on for months.

You would think it would be somewhat simple to fix. I’ve talked with Wahoo and they had me run a few tests to see if it was my Kickr. Said my Kickr is fine and that the issue is more than likely on Zwift.
I contacted Zwift with the issue a few times and they have No Clue as to what the problem is! Also, I think they could give 2 shits about the issue or they would have fixed it by now!! I also would think that if they have been selling the Wahoo lineup on their site that Wahoo would want this issue fixed pronto!
So, why hasn’t anyone from Zwift stepped up and responded here in the comments!!?
This is really getting old. I have two accounts in this household and they are getting real close to Losing both!!
Zwift, you need to step up and Fix this Damn issue or give those of us that have been experiencing this a Freaking Discount!!!
Rant Done!!!

I am experiencing something similar. I am noticing when the grade increases, the resistance doesn’t increase—it is easier than it should be. When I am rolling downhill, I am still having to pedal just has hard.

I am using a Wahoo Kickr, iPad Pro, iPhone for the Companion app, and Apple Watch (which the connection is extremely buggy).

Please fix!!

I hesitate to speak too soon, but I haven’t noticed this problem over the most recent week or two. this includes erg driven workouts, Tour de Zwift, and free rides. This is with Apple TV, Tickr HRM, and Kickr Core. I also use the Companion App on my Samsung phone with blu tooth disabled. I am not sure if disabling blu tooth is necessary, but I don’t want to mess with success. fingers crossed.