Wahoo Kickr Bike Firmware Update Oct 20th 2021

Bug fixes, performance improvements. Not sure exactly what is improved yet…

Yeah, saw this today. Did not find further details. Hoped to find some here. :wink:

Not sure if the Kickr bike does this or not, but my kickr core now automatically turns off after 10 or 15 minutes of no signal connection (latest firmware update).

I really like this new feature, I used to unplug it after every ride and always thought it was strange that it would just stay on all day wasting energy.

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I have not even installed the Kickr Bike June Firmware Update due to problems with Zwift after applying the June update reportet here in this forum. Does anyone have problems with these last firmware version 1.25 and Zwift? Does it seem to be “safe” to update the firmware?


There was another firmware update on November 17th. I’ve done all updates and so far everything is okay. I did lose my profiles that I had setup with the October update. Luckily I had a screenshot of them, so I was able to setup again quickly.

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