Wahoo Kickr Bike Creaking noise

My Wahoo Kickr Bike started making some serious creaking noises when pedaling. Like really loud. After getting in touch with WAHOO, it was determined that the seat post sliding rail needed to be lubricated. This can be accomplished by pulling the seat post assembly which slides up and down, off of the frame. To do this, you must back the bottom screw out from the the water bottle cage mount. It doesn’t have to be completely removed, but almost. Then, while pulling the seat height pin out you can lift the seat post assembly completely off the frame. When you do this, a plastic thingy, for back of a better word, will fall out.The plastic thingy was held in by that screw and restricts the seat post assembly from being completely removed Set the seat post assembly aside and you will see the rails that the seat post assembly slides up and down on. Lube the heck out of the sliding areas and inside the holes on the back side that the height adjusting pin goes in. Remount the seat post assembly, down to the H position. Then get the plastic thingy and insert it back into the front side of the seat post assembly, with the flat side down. Then you can reinstall the lower water bottle cage screw. I used Park PolyLube. Good luck!

Thanks for that.

I do have various types of grease for bottom brackets, might try that.