Wahoo Kickr Bike / Climb doesn't tilt [SOLVED]

“Trainer Difficulty” was a poorly chosen name which confuses many new users. There are good explanations what this slider does on Youtube and on Zwift Insider. In a nutshell, it is not trainer difficulty but trainer realism. When you move it to the left, you do not feel the terrain - you do not feel the impact of uphill and downhill on resistance, and your bike barely tilts. When you move it to 100%, it is full realism, your bike tilts all the way and you need to switch gears like in real life. And of course one should not forget to press the “unlock” button on KICKR BIKE console before the ride, to allow it to tilt. The last but not the least, it would not tilt if you are riding a workout! It only tilts in a free ride.

I’m having the same issue with my Kickr bike as well.

As. KICKR Climb owner (only) going through a great Zwift workout plan, I’m very disappointed the Climb is disabled in ERG mode, which is continuously engaged in all workouts. It’d be super sweet if there could be an option to engage the Climb while in ERG mode. Think about it?

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Hi, I have the same Issue…did you solve it in the meantime? Up is no problem…there it works…only downhill…super strange. Cheers, Alexander

A mi también me sucede con la kickr bike. Las bajadas están limitadas en cambio en las subidas no tengo problema.
Supongo que debe ser un problema generalizado.
Alguien puede decir algo al respecto.

Is there no way to use the climb function even in ERG mode as an option to be switched on/off? I use the kickr bike