Wahoo Kicker Core vs Tacx Flux 2

Hi everyone!!!

I want to buy a my first Smart treiner. I choosing between this two. I read all posts about issues with them. Everyone on YT say that kicker core is better, but i m really in Garmin word :wink: ( I have all stuff from this company). But if there is so differents between this trainers I choose wahoo.

If I choose wahoo there is a simply way to transfer rides from wahoo’ app to garmin connect ??

Thanks for Help !!! :wink:

Might as well wait for the Zwift Hub.


Agree with @Dave_ZPCMR … get top of the heap (Kickr, Neo or Elite’s model) or wait for The Hub. The Hub really undercuts the mid-level DD price level.


You are right, this is the best solution :wink: , thx

Loads of Saris H3 deals around, some including their fancy rocker plate in a bundle, the new H4 isn’t that much different. Got mine for £485 aroud Easter, now places were doing them closer to £400.