Wahoo climb snapped belt

Hi All, I’ve got a wahoo climb and the cable snapped.

However I’ve managed to fix it with a new belt. While it has taken a silly long time (over 6 hours!) would it be helpful to share the pictures for anyone who wanted to repair their own and probably save some time?


I’m sure that would be helpful if it was quick for you to post otherwise i’d probably direct people at the facebook the trainer support groups usually have all this sort of info as well.

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This happened to me a few weeks ago. Wahoo sent me a new unit free of charge and no shipping even though it was technically out of warranty by about a year. Superb customer service.

That said, I prefer to reuse/repair vs new. I’m curious where you got the replacement belt.

EBay had them.

I hope to never need it, but I’d be interested to see your Climb belt repair guide. Someone posted a write-up a while back but I don’t think they had pics.

Well it works, up and down no drama. However it’s the wrong way round so +10% is a negative :woozy_face:

Try stripping it again.

I have to change mine, if someone has a how to that would be awesome !