Extra Wahoo Kickr Snap Resistance Unit

I recently upgraded from a Wahoo Kickr Snap to the Kickr Core due to some issues I was having with the Snap. While trying to resolve the issues with the Snap with Wahoo’s customer support, they sent me a new resistance unit (just the roller and flywheel part) that I installed onto to frame/legs after taking the old resistance unit off. I ended up returning the original resistance unit and frame to the store where I bought it, and now I’m left with just the new resistance unit. I asked Wahoo if they wanted it back, and they told me to just throw it away. So, does anyone have a need for a new resistance unit for a Snap, or does anyone have any ideas for what to do with it…other than just tossing it away? Seems like a waste.



I’m interested! What would you charge?

How about $75 including shipping (assuming you are based in the US?)

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$75 is reasonable, can you post a picture? I want to make sure this is what I think it is.

Hi Tyler, what’s your email address?