Wahoo Bike handlebar buttons actions are plain wrong!

On Wahoo Bike we are blessed with 10 buttons and it would be nice to allow people to assign different game actions as they please (or at least provide prefs.xml config options for that).

At this moment shifters work as shifters. I have no problems with that, but I configure my shifting in Di2 Synchro mode and two buttons on the right are enough for that, so I would prefer to use left shifters for something else, for example for turning right and left when riding a free route.

Steering buttons work as steering. That’s obvious.

Now on the right hoods the upper button works for “Power Up”. That’s ok with me, but the lower button is used for a “U-turn” and that’s a complete disaster! It’s very easy to press it accidentally and it will surely ruin your race, group ride or a badge for a new route you ride. For that button I’d use some action, which is harmless, but useful, for example, give Ride On to 5 people around you, take a screenshot etc.

Then, I guess most people buy Wahoo Bike to ride with gradient simulation, which Wahoo calls “unlocked mode”. Having left hood buttons still configuring gradient and effectively switching you off the unlocked mode is counter productive. One would probably assign one button to scroll through different views, another to “Stick out elbow” etc.

I actually believe these buttons should be controlled via Wahoo app, where one should be able to assign an action (like shifting or gradient changing) or any keyboard shortcut (for example Zwift shortcuts for the actions they need) and Zwift should not change these actions, but Wahoo says “Zwift is controlling what these buttons do”. Have no idea if that’s true, but it’s a mess and is not well designed.

As a wahoo bike owner myself there is a limit to what zwift can do here.

The shifter buttons are part of the bike and don’t send messages to zwift, ditto the left hood buttons.

The right hood and steering buttons do get sent and zwift could maybe customise those.

In RGT the steering buttons show a backwards view for a few seconds and a wave gesture for example.

The issue I have is that in order to race you need to pair in ant mode and lose that functionality (except for currently there is a bug in pairing that allows hood buttons to work)

So whilst customisation of a couple of buttons would be good (especially as you can steer in 1% of races on zwift) would be good, I would want the pack dynamics / road position bug fixed as a priority.

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