Disable Smart Bike Buttons

I have a Wahoo Kickr Bike and one of the most annoying aspects of it are the U-turn and power up buttons. I can not count the amount of times I have accidentally hit these buttons since they are on top of the hoods. Or just end up hitting the wrong one (hitting the turn around trying to hit the power up).

Can we please get a option to disable these in settings? Or make it so you have to hold the button down for 3-5 seconds to activate (like the phone)?

Connect through ant for controllable and it’s gone.

Thanks while this is doable. The problem is than it disables other features like stearing or tilting.

I was thinking about this a bit more. I wish we could just map the buttons for ourselves. For instance, mapping the buttons to be able to switch between the rear view and the front view (in racing you could see who is coming up behind). Or to be able to map the mass thumbs up button. I am not a developer but this would be awesome and quality of life upgrade in game.

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Can’t help with your existing buttons, but if you are on Windows, here’s a simple and cheap hack to map commonly used functions…