Voice control on mobile app

(Sadao Ikebe) #1

I love the idea of the mobile link, but I find it less convenient than it seems to be.

I tried to use it, installed into my Android, linked to zwift, it shows several controls including elbow or chatting options. good.

However, I sweat heavily, poured onto my phone so the capacitive touchpanel doesn’t work. I had to wipe it again and again. Moreover, I’m confident that my android will fail someday because of my sweat.

I suggest voice control on the mobile app would be very useful, even if the voice control is so primitive that it’s able to just do u-turn only.

(Rikard Alard (TriVast)) #2

Try a mobile holder for the arm, I use that I place it on the tri extensions I have on my bike (which I rarly use indoors), no problem with sweat!!!

Voice control woyld be nice though!

(Philip Walker) #3