Voice Commands

Please add voice commands so I can tell Zwift to change rider view, take left/right turn, go straight, turn around etc.

Much better than fumbling with a phone or reaching for a keyboard, especially when displaying on a big screen.

Siri, Alexa, Google and hopefully Zwift too?

This is a great idea. A simple screen gesture in the companion app could launch the voice activation to listen for a command. For that matter, perhaps screen gestures could be used for all of the commands… Double tap for “Ride on”, Swipe left to turn left, swipe right to turn right, double swipe left for elbow flick, etc. Much easier to manage while riding. Plus a drop of sweat randomly landing on the stop button wouldn’t inadvertently end a workout.

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Agree, wish I could just say “Ride On” or “Zwift Ride On” or “Change View” or something along those lines. Seems like a no brainer.

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Good idea. I used Zwift on Android TV and it has microphone enabled by default. It could be great to avoid using the controller

better for us roller riders

How do you use it on an Android TV can’t seem to find it anywhere on the apps store?