Vocal Command to Zwift App

Just bought an Apple TV because it is the cheapest way to have a high end interface that work with Zwift App.

Thought Siri would be of some help to access the Zwifter list and send them “Ride On” while I’m Zwifting.

If we can start music while Zwifting, I thought we could unleash many other commands.
For me, next level would be to have that opportunity, through Siri, to vocally send command to Zwift about UTurn, changing the view, in fact all buttons on the menu should be Vocally enabled while Zwifting.

My wife and I, Zwift on two Wahoo Kickr V5 Trainer, both on their own Apple TV.
Apple TV Tactile remote is fun but not easy to manipulate during a ride.

That would be the next move for me.
Not having to play with the remote while Zwifting would be great.

If it is possible to participate in that kind of project, I would be happy to.
I did some programming in Python and many other languages.
I’m all ready to learn so if that project could be interesting for Zwift, I’m all in.

Ghyslain (Youbi St-ConstantQc)

The Zwift Play controllers make it easier to navigate from within a ride - e.g. easier than using the ATV remote.

These are definitely the better way to control Zwift.

It is better for millennials like my gamer kids but for us, oldies, trying to get gems is not for me. I just want to ride, and get in shape like many others and having a vocal commander way of accessing Zwift still is a good thing, if Zwift take the time to survey their users, they would be surprised if their answers. And it lessen the need to bridge with an IPhone to get more Bluetooth connections as I saw on a video on YouTube.